Cosmetics – The Present Stage…

Hey, Farheen here. This time with a sort of reality check of the most advertised thing – cosmetics. My observations, my words.

In a very normal & usual language, I may define cosmetics as “The substances we use to beautify ourselves”. I may say, we are living in an era of cosmetics. It’s the very obvious human behavior – everyone wants to look beautiful, look young. Youth is directly linked to beauty. Wrinkle free skin, radiant complexion, lusturous hair, sparkling eyes, is all beauty –  In our manner, according to we people. 

The media these days, whether it is electronic or print – is all flooded with advertisements of ‘so called cosmetics’ that confirms & assures us of granting “beauty”. I am not an ‘anti-cosmetic’ person because I also do use them. But the issue or problem with these cosmetics is the way they are being portrayed. You just look at any of these advertisements, they seem so magical. Some of them claim to change your natural dusky skin to complete bleached white ( which is unnecessary), as according to the society, white is beautiful. Some cosmetics just want to make you look several years younger in just a few days. Some advertisements includes ‘attracting’ masses of opposite gender on application of a particular cosmetic. Like seriously, this is not the way the things get done. These things are not natural. Present day cosmetics show themselves​ as a magic wand….  Whoooshh!!!!    Use them, and all your imperfections – your dull skin, grey hair, wrinkles, fine lines – it’ll be all gone in no time. The facts / points, which these advertisements consider as imperfections, are not really the imperfections, according to me. These are just normal human things, like people live in this bad routine of hectic schedule, long job timings, stressful lifestyle, no fixed time for food and sleep, bad/nutrition- less diet, almost absence or complete lack of physical work – it’ll all lead to bad health & weak immune system, and bad health means dull skin, early greying of hair, weak eyes, early fine lines etc.

See, It is this simple, if you want to look beautiful & ‘glowy’, you have to take good care of your health. Taking care of health includes eating good nutritious diet at particular fixed time, drinking good amount of water, fixed sleep and wake cycle, appropriate amount of exercise. These are the minimal things you have to do in order to attain good health, good body. If you eat nutrition lacking diet or you do have irregular food timings – you will not and can not look beautiful. According to me, beauty arises from within. Healthy functioning organs denotes good and sound health and good health simply means clean subtle skin, lively eyes, shiny hair. The main​ thing I want to convey is – you cannot attain natural “health linked beauty” with the help of cosmetics. Like ok, I agree with the fact that makeup can do wonders to your looks, but for how much time…?? For how much duration you will look glossy with the help of cosmetics – for few hours only. You want to look beautiful, stay healthy – that’s it.

Now the next thing, wise use of cosmetics. Cosmetics, as we look up to them as magic potion – actually they are just chemicals. Some may be mild and some may be harsh to your skin. You have to carefully choose which one you have to use. Skin is a sensitive organ, especially the skin of the face is very delicate. Don’t treat your skin like a laboratory beaker. You just pour different chemicals each time and nothing will happen to the beaker’s structure, because the beaker is made of such stuff. Our skin is not  designed that way. I see people experimenting with their skin, their body – continuously & repeatedly – just for the sake of so called ‘good looks’. You have to be careful, the chemical of the cosmetic may give you adverse reaction, which you may not be even thinking of. Choose your cosmetics wisely, keeping in mind the sensitivity level of your skin. You might use herbal, plant based cosmetics if you do have a sensitive skin.

I just want to say that, use your mind while purchasing cosmetics. Don’t​ just blindly follow the advertisements. Don’t get into​ their “glitter effect”. 

Be Smart, Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful.


Misuse of Medicines…

Hey people..this is Farheen..again..  with some decent pharma info..

Misuse of Medicines here in India is a big problem in the present time. You know what, the word ‘big’ is not even enough to describe what the situation is… trust me…it’s more than big…it’s ‘huge’. This disaster we Indians are doing with ourselves is not going to be good at the end – yes….we will see some dangerous outcomes…   & actually..we have already started experiencing the results. The list of incurable diseases around us….in addition to wrong lifestyle,is also due to the improper use of Medicines.

The thing is…that people don’t use Medicines wisely. I mean,like, it’s related to your body.. your health… How can you be so irresponsible..??! It’s the body you should take care of, & you are just there loading unnecessary Medicines into your stomach, intoxicating your organs and spoiling your health.

We should not take a Medicine unless it is prescribed by the doctor. Indians are just master at this thing called…” Self medication”. It goes like this  – Ok, I am having a headache…let’s take a big tablet,probably my favorite painkiller,which will cure me and which is always there in my first aid box for me.  – People keep continuing this even if the headache is there three times a week. No..!!! You should not do this. Please don’t. You don’t even know why the headache is there repeatedly at such short periods of time…… It might be a severe migraine, or due to poor eyesight, or due to some sort of inflammation in brain, or any other internal injury. Don’t do the ‘diagnosing’ yourself, let the doctor do it because they are trained for that. If you are experiencing a health problem again and again, don’t take Medicines by yourself…go to a doctor and get it diagnosed, then the results will tell you what your situation is and the doctor will prescribe you an appropriate medication… that’s not all – after you have those Medicines in your hands – follow the instructions properly regarding the intake of Medicines  -: This is called proper and safe use of Medicines.

You know this famous quote… Health is Wealth. I just totally support it & this quote is indeed the truth of life. If you do have a healthy body, you have everything. A healthy person can do anything what he wants, because he do have the required energy, power & stamina. The diseased body is only a burden. So take good care of your health and use Medicines carefully. Medicines are not chocolate bars, you just nibble them when you think you want to. No…. These are strong chemicals.

Don’t do this to yourself. You are precious, your life is a gift…. don’t waste it doing wrong things. Stay healthy, stay happy.


Pharmacy in India…

Hey…this is Farheen…simply telling u…what I genuinely think..& what the scenario is..

Pharmacy is an interesting field. Amazing area, consisting of numerous things; starting from procurement of drug in it’s crude form, then manufacturing in the industry, marketing of the ‘best’ with most therapeutic advantages, into the patient’s hands & then into the body, finally curing the disease.

Making of “Medicines” is an immense effort of people round the globe, who are engaged in the field of pharmacy, to make people free of diseases & to keep them healthy.

India play’s a ‘Nice’ role too, as it is the manufacturing hub, with a turnover of 60 billion dollars, industry growing at a rate of 14%. Indian Pharmaceutical industry includes 20,000 pharmaceutical companies, employing 2000-5000 people per company. India exports to almost 65 countries.

But the bad news is that the scope is not ‘that’ good here in India. The profession of Pharmacy is not valued much. People actually don’t even know who pharmacist are, what they do. Drug extraction (Pharmacognosy), Manufacturing medicines (Pharmaceutics), Doing marketing and getting the best drug into the doctor’s prescription, Dispensing of drugs to patients (Hospital Pharmacy), Giving information about drugs & health to people (Community Pharmacy)…….   Yesssssss… Pharmacist do it all – All that is required to keep people happy & healthy & free from ailments. I just hope people will understand the hard work & dedication that is needed to be a Pharmacist.

Just hoping for the best future of Pharmacy….yes… something good will happen… fingers crossed..  😊